Harnessing energy from bubbling trap lines, anthemic big room beats and an iconic quote from Jerry Macguire, WALKR today releases brand new single ‘I Hate You’ on Scorpio Music.
The identity of the artist behind the cut is as yet a mystery, being kept a closely guarded secret by label personnel aside from the fact that he – or she – is a French national. Needless to say, the slick production and masterful ease with which the track progresses hint at an incredibly experienced hand.
Over the past four decades, seminal French label Scorpio Music has been responsible for bringing some of the most iconic names in music into the Continent. From disco and pop legends the Village People, the Ritchie Family, Break Machine and Prince, to more recent acts like Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, Steve Aoki and Hardwell, the label has been a driving force behind France’s explosive music scene.
Now, with WALKR’s ‘I Hate You’, the label starts a new period of international releases, once more flexing its impressive A&R muscles and thrusting the Scorpio Music name back into the very heart of global dance music.